The Underground is a science fiction web comic following the life of August Hans, an officer for a special mutant branch of the NYPD. On top of being a disagreeable alcoholic, he is a winged chimera, putting him on the the bottom of the racial hierarchy.
The main arc takes place within NYC in the 21st century. After nearly 30 years of mutants gradually populating metropolitan areas, most governments have adopted strict regulations on housing, jobs and the markets in an effort to provide adequate lives for all their citizens. Severely disadvantaged by the central government, there have been movements among the mutant populations to become self governed however these underground systems, which are mostly run by organized crime lords, undermine the systems put in place by mosaics - it’s gotten progressively harder to keep the peace aside from the already well established prejudices.  However, there are also efforts being made on both sides to cooperate such as co-op hospitals, schools, and special law enforcement teams.